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Statistics missing average risk:reward ratio? Can someone confirm?

DG (domgilberto1)
Feb 02 2012 at 00:29
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Hi all,

Im not sure if im being daft and missed it, but on the statistics that record all trading records; it really shows some useful information but one im after is a simple risk:reward % of an average trade?

Is it there or am i missing it?

What it is im wanting is to tell me based upon where my stops are placed (obviously they`re not always placed) and my take profits again not always placed, i understand) what the risk:reward is on average as human nature will cut trades short or use discretion rather than a systematic approach and I want this to be reflected in this context.... statistically....

Let me know your thoughts?
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Feb 07 2012 at 19:45
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This will only be possible for a very simple system where a single trade is placed at any point in time and the hard SL/TP are the actual exits.

It will be a little meaningless due to many systems placing hard SL/TP way beyond their actual SL/TP.

And for systems that manage multiple trades, or those that allow multiple currencies to be traded at any one time, you will never be able to determine what is the true risk that is exposed to an account based on information provided by the trading statement.

The only way would be for the author to give a far disclosure of what the risk is. Or by inferring from the maximum drawdown. (which again, due to myfxbook's frequency of polling data, may not be the actual max dd)
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