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Are swap strategies real? Almost risk free profit opportunity...

ExcellenceFX (ExcellenceFX)
May 25 2015 at 07:54
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Guys, does anyone have any experiences with currency swap strategies? With my partners we compared many brokers and we were able to create a strategy that hedges between 2 brokers and the swap difference can bring about 20-25% yield while there is still good space for currency rate movements.

The question is, are brokers willing to pay long term swap profits without playing dirty games? As far as brokers do pay interest from their own pockets, Im not really sure in this matter...

Also, dont you know any good regulated brokers who charge/credit very fair swaps or even no swaps? Im not talking about swap-free accounts of islamic nature, I dont want to pretend that I have this faith. I need just a Forex broker who has swap free accounts for everyone. I know they exist but I just found some unregulated ones.

Thanks guys,

Excellence Forex

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