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Syncing bar open/close on various trading platforms

Doc Cannon
Jul 21 2011 at 20:12
4 posts
I am running Trade Station II and Strategy Trader both on my live account, as well as a demo of MT4 (because I can show some indicators not useable on the other two - and I don't have the skills to 'translate' them). On a 4 hour time frame, MT4 goes to a new bar 1 hour before TS II and ST. Why is that? I've looked at settings on all of the programs, but cannot see a way to get all 3 to sync. Of course, its not just the lack of time sync -- the charts look totally different as well.

I chatted with FXCM support, but was told there was nothing they could do -- that's just the way the platforms work.

Anyone have any ideas?


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