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System privacy once Investor PW is given

Mar 04 2010 at 06:59
41 posts
How much information does MyFXBook look at when investor PW is given. Do you have access to my charts and custom indicators?

compuforexpamm (compuforexpamm)
Mar 04 2010 at 08:08
265 posts
They can see open trades and trade history and that is about it.

The investor password allows non-trading access to your account at the broker. Your indicators and charts are stored on your computer at home(or on VPS), not at the broker, so an observer has no idea what is on your computer.

Wealth Creation Through Technology
Mar 04 2010 at 08:13
41 posts
Staff (Staff)
Mar 04 2010 at 09:58
1389 posts
Yes, compuforexpamm is correct.

Think of it as installing a fresh MetaTrader software and connecting to your existing account - there is no way to see which indicators/charts you've used.

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