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Trading session's

Dec 08 2020 at 13:29
751 posts
I trade in New York time session. I find this session more liquid than various sessions. Commonly I take after my plans and start to see the blueprints. If I find any set up I open the trade. If I don't find any set up as showed by my technique and trading outline, I don't open any trade for that day.
Dec 09 2020 at 00:50
298 posts
Perfect time to enter the new work session trade. If the trade is opened in the new work session, the movement can be observed properly.
Dec 09 2020 at 09:11
231 posts
Yes, New York session is the best time to enter in trading because with this session we can observe the market quite well.
Jan 01 2021 at 13:09
19 posts
Yeah, it is a very good season to trade and you are going in the right direction with it. The timing is very important so you’ll be fine.
Jan 02 2021 at 04:59
107 posts
New York is the best way to start off your trading, I agree with that. But I do think that any session is good to use.
Jan 11 2021 at 06:12
18 posts
Well, I think every time is a good time to trade forex as long as you know what you are doing. When you have no idea about what you are doing, even the so-called best time won’t work. Look for improving your skills instead of looking for the right time!
Feb 09 2021 at 09:56
20 posts
I think that is an okay thing to do and you can always trade according to your style and preference. The market is open 24 hours and it does offer this advantage to the traders. They can trade anytime during the day or night.
Feb 15 2021 at 16:49
788 posts
There are 4 types of trading sessions in which I think the London session is the perfect time to trade.
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