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What about day trading? I want to see your opinions.

Apr 27 at 02:51
7 Replies
Claire Anderson (Claison)
Member Since Apr 26, 2023   33 posts
Apr 27 at 02:51
Tell me about day trading.
Michael (TradeFXer)
Member Since Apr 27, 2023   3 posts
Apr 27 at 09:58
im new to this came here to learn , i do like day trading !
Member Since Aug 19, 2021   184 posts
Apr 27 at 19:43
Oh what's wrong with day trading? Everything is ok. During the day, the market is more volatile if you trade mostly European pairs. But of course, if you like Asian pairs more, it is preferable to trade at night.
I also just like to sleep at night, so I prefer day trading. Lol
Member Since Jul 29, 2021   33 posts
Apr 28 at 20:49
@WhiteWitcher I'm scared to imagine if you're not joking. I'm afraid I have no other choice.

@Claison I can confidently say that intraday trading is the most difficult type of trading. You have to take part in the current news calendar, global influential news, trading indicators and also do market analysis on several timeframes from 15 minutes to daily. This will give you the opportunity to fully assess the situation on the market and choose the right entry and exit points. Also, for day trading, it is extremely important to observe a clear time management due to the limited market activity associated with the activities of world markets, and also a day trader must have strong risk management, and technical analysis, which will allow controlling risk with high accuracy. This will allow to take the maximum profit and minimum risk.
Claire Anderson (Claison)
Member Since Apr 26, 2023   33 posts
May 03 at 04:12
@WhiteWitcher just about what we trade? No other factors?
Claire Anderson (Claison)
Member Since Apr 26, 2023   33 posts
May 03 at 04:15
@Lionkingdom Interesting. thank you so much for your information appreciate that.
Member Since Aug 19, 2021   184 posts
May 09 at 19:10
Oh I do not understand why there is such a surprise from intraday trading. It's fast enough. And it can be profitable. Is it difficult for me? Happens. Of course. But it motivates me more.
Claire Anderson (Claison)
Member Since Apr 26, 2023   33 posts
Jun 03 at 02:35
@nickbrown2060 thank you and i think this is what everybody have to know because they are necessary for every kind of trading.
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