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What is fast forex scalping?

Jan 28 at 07:21
59 posts
I am new to trading. About to initiate scalping. Is there a thing called quick scalping?
What do you recommend?

Feb 03 at 04:55
25 posts
Remember to look at 3 important things:
Small profit margins

Short positions

High leverage

And forget about 15 minute time frames. Use only 1 and 5 min

Feb 03 at 06:27
37 posts
Scalping is in essence quick. So I don’t know if there is a separate kind of scalping that I am not aware of :)

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Feb 03 at 07:04
165 posts
not sure what you exactly mean by that. scalping means entering and exiting the market quickly with small profits.

Feb 03 at 07:33
377 posts
Scalping is a short time trading strategy that requires only a couple of minutes to trade. They execute several trades for small pips in each trade.

Feb 03 at 07:54
95 posts
we the traders should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.  its a very dedicated decision. 

Feb 03 at 12:35
78 posts
Scalping itself means that you are making quick profits by taking short positions. There is nothing like quick scalping.

Feb 04 at 01:53
298 posts
It doesn't matter what strategy you use. But you can't put pressure on the investment. That's how you need to create your trading plan.

Feb 04 at 02:05
194 posts
Scalping is a quick way of making a profit and mostly new traders adopt it at the beginning of their trade.

Feb 04 at 06:20
59 posts
I was kind of wondering why are 15 minute time frames the least favourite of scalpers? Wouldn’t it be easier to read M15 charts on the contrary?

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