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What to do against this?

CrazyTrader (CrazyTrader)
Feb 28 2014 at 16:30
1718 posts
Spread is the current spread.
MaxSpread is the highest spread recorded for the pair/day.

We had CAD news. So spread is always widening for a couple of seconds. It's not even possible to see it with eyes as price is also moving fast.

But my EA is recording this.

So we are a lot of trader loving to trade news... but in such conditions it's hard to scalp. Even for my trade on NZDCAD that got hit 13 pips above highest price because maxspread was 19 pips!

Whose not suffering from such spread?

Whose trading with fix spread? Does it stay fix even when news are released.

Maybe I should do a test with 5 different brokers so we could compare and check whose broker is the best.

Because now on screen shot... price is back to entry level. So it's a big loss for nothing. (demo account)

Only because they have low liquidity when news happen.


Mar 02 2014 at 03:02
724 posts
The first few lines of my code is a spread watch. If I detect high spreads I suspend trading.

Secondly don't keep stops on the brokers server. When your stop level is hit close the trade from your side, but not under high spread conditions. Those conditions only last seconds. When spreads are back to normal and you're still over your price then close the trade.

CrazyTrader (CrazyTrader)
Mar 02 2014 at 11:03
1718 posts
I do the first point.

The second is the way to do.

Thank you.

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