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When a trader is a newbie

Aug 09 2022 at 06:42
26 posts
As a beginner, your prime focus should be learning, and not money. Don’t be greedy and lazy; give most of your time to learning and practising. For a newbie, it is a must to practise in a demo account before trading in a live account. If you start trading in a live account without prior experience then you’ll suffer losses.
Sep 01 2022 at 06:24
25 posts
sebking1986 posted:
Learning should be priority number one but also consideration of the limitations on them that will help guide them as to which type of trader they might be. What time constraints do you have? Are you a nervous person etc.
I can not agree more! A newbie should focus on learning and develop skills for trading profitably. He must consider practicing on the demo account.
Sep 02 2022 at 12:37
45 posts
In my opinion, as a newbie, you should begin trading on a demo account first and then from there, you will be able to gain some experience while trading.
Sep 03 2022 at 05:03
301 posts
demo is important , no way to avoid but the main problem is when we try to practically we cant focus on there.
Sep 03 2022 at 17:04
415 posts
Those who want to keep themselves out of trading risk prefer day trading the most. Day trading is a type of trading that is closed within a day.
Sep 04 2022 at 12:39
132 posts
the new Forex trader always try to bring good amount of profit with no learning . this is a very common mistake.
Sep 05 2022 at 05:52
219 posts
Don’t run after money rather try to think about every single aspect of the market. It will give you broad knowledge of the market but this attempt is absent among traders.
Sep 06 2022 at 07:55
23 posts
Here are a few tips for newbies:

1. Start with a demo account: This will allow you to practice trading without risking any real money.
2. Educate yourself: It is important to educate yourself on the basics of forex trading and understand how the market works.

3. Stick to a few major currency pairs: There are dozens of currency pairs to trade, but you should focus on a few of the most liquid and widely traded pairs.

4. Use risk management tools: Limit your losses with stop-loss orders and take profit orders.

5. Handle your emotions: Don't let greed or fear dictate your trading decisions.

6. Got a plan: Develop a trading plan and stick to it.
Sep 07 2022 at 09:52
24 posts
As a trader, if you spend time understanding the market sentiment and analysing the market closely, it’ll get easier to know how to time your trades. Enhancing skill and knowledge is the only way to proceed towards profit making. Practice on a demo account until completely confident. Newbies should study the market and build strategies depending on the latest trends they choose.
Sep 07 2022 at 12:01
62 posts
When you’re a newbie in trading one should keep in mind:

1.Learn the basics on demo trading account.
2.To always be a learner.
3.Taking risks which one can afford.
4.Use low capital initially to begin with.
5.Have a trade checklist.
6.Avoid shortcuts.
7.Review your trades.
Sep 08 2022 at 06:12
60 posts
Your primary goal as a newbie should be to learn about the market and try to understand how it works.
Sep 08 2022 at 07:15
40 posts
Being a newbie, you should devote all of your attention on developing learning your skills. You will not earn the profits overnight but if you keep working on your skills, you will see the results slowly.
Sep 13 2022 at 08:11
20 posts
A beginner in the forex market should prioritise learning over anything else. The learning period is crucial since it will decide your success rate as a trader. Those who don’t spend enough time learning will be at a higher risk of loss due to their lack of knowledge and skills.
Sep 15 2022 at 09:47
40 posts
As a newbie I feel having some amount of knowledge before we actually start trading is really crucial because that is gonna be our base for the rest of our trading career and also if one wants to get early into trading then you can join similar courses like trading based monthly batches which are available on internet, they will really be a great help.
Sep 20 2022 at 08:23
18 posts
That’s right. Learning should always be the first step for every beginner trader. Forex traders should understand everything about the forex markets, including geopolitical and economic aspects that affect a trader's chosen currencies. Beginners are frequently stuck by failures rather than capping their losses and exiting the failed deal promptly and moving on to the next. It’s crucial to maintain patience and discipline while not becoming emotional.
Sep 21 2022 at 11:56
30 posts
Newbies should learn to analyze the charts for better understanding of the market movements.

Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 21 2022 at 23:42
433 posts
No matter a newbie, all professional traders also come from newbie. Just like in school, there are classes education stage, and to reach the next stage of class we need to pass the education test.
Sep 22 2022 at 05:03
26 posts
Forex market is highly volatile. As a beginner I wanted to understand the way of preventing heavy loss. So, while executing a trade, I started to set a stop loss to minimise the loss.
Sep 22 2022 at 06:31
5 posts
Stop loss is the single best thing in FX trading. Without stop loss you will get lost. Just make sure stop loss is sensible. Don't use a thousand pip stop loss and think that you are safe
Sep 22 2022 at 12:12
11 posts
When you are new to trading always prefer to trade on a demo account first and use stop loss after then switch to a live account after practice and try spending more and more time on daily market study.
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