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$200 to $1,000,00?0

May 03 2011 at 18:28
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You silly pip thieves, all pips are mine :P
May 05 2011 at 17:40
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OK, that was totally awesome! A couple of questions;

1. In order to invest max lots you have to figure out how many PiPs negative you will allow the trade to go before you get a margin call. How many did you calculate it on, 25?

I did an EA that studied the win ratio on increased stop losses. (SL from 10 to 200 in 10 PiP increments) I plotted the win loss ratio on a graph. It made a beautiful parabolic curve. There was a dramatic increase in the win ratio at first and the it started to flatten out as the SL got larger. It would be interesting to see how much your odds would increase with a 50 PiP drop to the margin call. Of course that would increase the number of trades required to reach the goal because you couldn't buy as many lots, but there maybe a sweet spot in there somewhere.

2. The strategy in this game is 100% correct trades. Why one currency and the daily requirement? Wouldn't it be better to try and find the 'perfect' trade on any pair on any day? Seems to me that that would increase your odds considerably also.

3. It looks like you set the TP for 25 PiPs. Think what would happen if you were right in one of those trades and let it run for 100! What do you think about letting the good ones run with some sort of trailing stop that protected your 25 PiP win?

4. DON'T STOP NOW! Unless you have multiple bad trades in a row you should still have more than your opening balance. (Never less than what it took to open the position). I don't think you need a 100% win ratio. I think you can do it with a about a 78% win ratio. Years ago I made a spreadsheet that calculated my compounding so I knew how many lots to purchase based on my trade strategy. It's only based on leverage of 100:1 but I'll modify it and see what win ratio we need to have.

Oh and one last thing. What about pairs that have the lowest margin requirement? Using pairs that require less margin I.e. AUD/USD versus EUR/USD allows you to purchase more lots because we will have less margin requirement.

This is the coolest thread I've seen in a long time. Don't weaken. Get up off the mat and go for round 2. We're cheering for you!
Psymon (psymon)
May 05 2011 at 23:14
61 posts
Hey Pip Rider,

thanks for your support, have a look at the trading systems thread here...,1

hopefully some of the answers you looking for are there :)

happy hunting

its all down hill from here!
May 14 2011 at 05:22
6 posts
if i start with $3000. what is my realistic target within a 5 month trading?
Psymon (psymon)
May 14 2011 at 11:09
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if you can make 25 pips every day thats around 2500 pips in 5 months, at a $ a pip that would give you a profit of $2500...
its all down hill from here!
May 14 2011 at 17:11
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Easiest way to get $1 000 000 in fx is to start with $2 000 000...
Jun 13 2011 at 09:23
186 posts
lol gnostic, that's true
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[email protected] (masterforexsys)
Jun 18 2011 at 10:00
19 posts
let try my system usd500 turn to usd28,487 in 3 weeks that simple
High gain is high risk that forex!
Jun 18 2011 at 13:44
46 posts

Very nice stats on your demo accounts. Looks like a break through scalping strategy or something like that.

Wish you best of luck on your real account.

Jul 19 2011 at 07:29
10 posts
I can do 1.000.000 from 100-150 k in 2-3 month.
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