Arrogant advice

Jun 01, 2017 at 06:10
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Sep 01, 2021 at 19:53
Yes, there are many people who fail in trading but I believe that those people are either thos who didn't treat trading forex seriously (they gambeled) or just idiots. If you don't want to be in those 95%, read more forums about forex and learn what it is all about in order not to have too high expectations from it.
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Sep 01, 2021 at 21:21
Right. Most new traders neglect the importance of demo account and lose money in real account.
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Sep 06, 2021 at 10:58
Usually new traders do few weeks or months of demo trading and think they have learned the secret of making money in the Forex market.
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Sep 07, 2021 at 05:18
Absolutely @Antwalker , I work at a 9-5 job and it barely pays for most of my expenses but luckily I had a mentor who taught me the benefits of investments and trading every now and then . This really helped in tough times especially during covid. Yes spending money for your family is a good deed but remember you can spend even more with a passive income that you can earn from forex.
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Sep 09, 2021 at 06:38
Well, I don’t see a point of putting half of the money in trash. Why not use the whole money for buying something good.
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Nov 12, 2021 at 12:51
I can't agree with your words actually. Every human being chooses by himself how to earn money. If traders want to try to earn money due to trading activity, then there is nothing in our world which can prohibit them to do it. Every trader decides by himself whether he wants to lose money or not. Of course, trading activity brings plenty of risks which you have to take on yourself, however those activities which don't imply risks can never be profitable. You will be just an ordinary man, with stable salary and no perspectives at all. However, if you decide to take some risks on yourself and try trading, then you open another world actually.
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Nov 24, 2021 at 07:32
I personally can't agree with your words because trading is an art. If we will think that trading is created just for gaining money from people, then probably you will never be suceeded in any kind of activity. Trading implies patience, experience, knowledge and skills. Only due the combination of these factors you can really reach succees in trading.
Nobody promises you bunch of money just shortly after you enter trading activity. It requires several years of every day trainings in order to start earning solid sums. No doubts, that you firstly will lose everything you have, but in future you will double this sum I bet.
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