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Avoid predicting the markets, Rather be reactive.

senior (iackowlew)
Jan 27 at 08:19
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Со временем придет опыт и новые трейдеры научатся торговать. Будет много потерь денег. Только торговать надо учится на реальные деньги, а не на демо. Таким образом происходит закалка психологического состояния трейдера. Без падений и ошибок опыт не придет. Это сравнимо с ребенком , который только учится ходить. Он встает и падает, встает и опять падает. И начинает думать, Почему Я упал. Пробует опять. И опять и опять. Итог очевиден.
Тише едешь дальше будешь.
Jan 27 at 09:45
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frandunn posted:
It’s true that you have to predict the market to make good profits. But do you think you will be able to do that from the very beginning when you don’t even have any idea about what is happening. No, right! So, first, educate yourself, gain experience by going with the market, and then, practice predicting it.
Exactly! This is the right way to succeed in the forex market. Those who follow win, those who do not fail. Simple!
Jan 27 at 17:37
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
Use strategy to make a profit rather than making random trades.
A good strategy can make you rich.
senior (iackowlew)
Jan 28 at 11:07
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К этому и стремлюсь. Стратегия хорошая есть.
Тише едешь дальше будешь.
Jan 28 at 11:45
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Strategies are always the most crucial part of the trading. But testing them before executing is more important. Always test the same strategy on different time-frames to trade efficiently.
senior (iackowlew)
Jan 28 at 12:01
11 posts
Это уже пройденный этап
Тише едешь дальше будешь.
Jan 28 at 13:13
801 posts
working in the market in general, you need to be as careful as possible. Sometimes the results can really surprise a trader.
Feb 03 at 14:23
14 posts
I find this thought brilliant. Well, for three months of trading on a demo account I have tried nearly everything. I tried to be guided by fundamentals only. I paid attention to volumes, but it all doesn’t seem reliable enough.
Finally, one thought came to my mind. I thought that it was a worthless thing to try to predict where it would go. It’s because market makers are smarter than us. We may think we are absolutely right and the way we think may seem absolutely logical but it’s not so.
I think one should ignore fundamentals and be guided by technical analysis only. The main thin is that you shouldn’t crack your head on price action patterns, various figure and so on. Instead, you should catch the very beginning of the move on smaller timeframes and be ready to enter the market at the most attractive price. The downside in this approach is that you need to monitor the asset you trade all the time. People think they can enter the market at any time but they are wrong. In fact, they have a few chances to do this and not to lose this opportunity they need to be very attentive.
Feb 21 at 05:33
70 posts
This is really a cool concept about trading. As a trader I have learned that predictions in the market should be based on both technical and fundamental analysis. Even when you have fundamentally analysed the pair, it’s always better to wait for the market reaction before making any decision in case there’s some big news event which may have an impact on the market.
Feb 21 at 14:19
939 posts
iackowlew posted:
К этому и стремлюсь. Стратегия хорошая есть.
And what strategy did you choose?
Feb 26 at 12:57
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It is worth understanding what opportunities a beginner has in trading. But it's all worth considering sensibly.
Mar 03 at 04:57
30 posts
No, I don’t agree to this at all. Analysing market trends and price reversals has always helped me spot opportunities. Signals, patterns, charts and indicators are highly used by traders of all magnitudes and shouldn’t be ignored if you are planning to survive long in the market.
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