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Books or Videos - Which one is better for learning?

Aug 30 at 03:53
39 posts
I think for understanding the terminology books are a better source but for learning the practical aspect the videos could do the more justice. So the combination of books and videos can give the most effective learning.
Aug 30 at 08:52
4 posts
Both books and videos boost our thinking process, and help us to develop better analytical skills. But videos help us to get much more information in shorter time period
Aug 31 at 14:26
13 posts
croisssan posted:
The best option is practice. I think that this will allow the trader to gain experience as quickly as possible and, as a result, profit.
yuh, agree with ya.
practicing is the most crucial thing in traidng, there are no books or videos which would help traders to receive as much as experience as they can gain due to practicing, whether on demo or on a real account.
I don't underestimate the necessity of learning theory, or maybe just watching videos from famous traders who show how do they trade. Consistency and balance. Like you should set a goal to watch a video daily and then write down what you have learnt, then go to demo and start trading, great system isn't it? Moreover, traders can add here reading articles or some notes about trading + observing the current situation on the market with a help of news.
Aug 31 at 16:09
63 posts
hi all. i'm newbie and for me is more convinient to see video educations then books. i understand it better and put it into practice right away.
Sep 01 at 08:09
1 posts
cashonmymind posted:
Everybody here has suggested me to start with learning. So I just want to clarify if watching videos is enough or should I go for some finance books?
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Sep 01 at 11:01
57 posts
For me, videos work best for learning.

Sep 02 at 09:52
53 posts
Videos help me with co-relating and learning new things since they provide us with good explanations and understanding from their own perspectives.
Sep 11 at 02:11
28 posts
School of Pipsology - a great source with both videos and texts.
They provide great lessons that you can practice on a demo.
Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
Sep 14 at 11:16
26 posts
I think both. You can read books but vidoes give you a complete overview of how things work in the forex world.
Sep 15 at 09:15
19 posts
Both are good sources of information, whichever floats your boat! Learning is a very important aspect of achieving success in this market. Apply your knowledge by practising on a demo account, backtest different strategies and try to pull in profit. The main effort rests in trying. Don’t give up too easily.
Sep 15 at 12:13
45 posts
From my personal experience, demo account is far better than anything to learn to trade if you are not ready to go live.
Sep 16 at 05:12
24 posts
A combination of both is better when you’re learning forex. Also, apart from theoretical knowledge you need to practise trading in a demo account to learn effectively.
Sep 16 at 10:13
22 posts
Personally I prefer learning from books because I was an avid reader even before I started trading. But it is hard to understand certain concepts from reading alone and video lessons are quite helpful at times. It just depends on what your preferred medium for learning is.
Sep 17 at 07:35
64 posts
To survive in Forex for long, there is no alternative to minimizing trading risk.
Sep 17 at 14:17
34 posts
None, the one who knows something does it and the one who doesn't knows it teaches it,
Sep 19 at 06:25
18 posts
Does it matter where you get the information form ? Of course, it has to be authentic. Books, courses, or mentors, learn from every source that is accessible to you. And ensure that whatever you learn you apply it as well on a demo account, otherwise it’s a waste of time.
Sep 22 at 10:16
23 posts
As of now, I am more into watching videos. But I was more into reading books when I was a beginner. You can start learning from videos itself but I think learning from books is a whole different experience altogether. I know some people have no patience to go through pages after pages but still reading 1 or 2 good books on forex can help you a lot throughout your trading journey.
Sep 22 at 10:26
18 posts
Both are good if they are from reliable traders who have actual experience trading in the forex market. Moreover, the choice between the two should depend on the beginner’s own personal preferences - if they like to read books or watch videos and learn.
Sep 26 at 09:26
26 posts
Both formats are beneficial. Videos and books can help you understand the fundamentals of the market. Make sure to practice on a demo account. It will assist you in gaining practical trading knowledge and experience.
Sep 26 at 10:38
6 posts
The main goal is to learn trading. Book, courses, or videos, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. You should consume authentic knowledge at your own pace. Personally, I prefer video lessons as they are crisp and help you understand the concepts practically.
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