Dear Traders. Please focus on your risk-to-reward ratio. What happens? sometimes your trading win ratio is 90%. fair enough. but what you do, 9 trades you win, their lot sizes are 0.01 and when you're overconfident and take a big lot of 1 then you lose that trade. and your one loss is bigger than your 9 wins. and in the end, you are at a huge loss.

 So the better solution is that you should do homework on your risk-to-reward ratio.

if you win 7 trades each time your TP SL is the same. let's say. your TP gives you 10 dollars. and your SL gives you 10 dollars. and when you win 7 trades, you win 70 dollars. and 3 SL got hit. and you lose 30 dollars. so 70 - 30 = 40$. You take home 40 dollars with you.

the only condition is that each time your risk-to-reward ratio strategy should be the same. Thank you for reading. if you think differently. let me know in the comment.
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