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How to increase trading skills ?

Mar 24 at 10:17
54 posts
demo is important, no way to deny but the result of demo account actually not works when trading in a real account.
Mar 24 at 11:40
51 posts
to increase trading knowledge we the traders first of all need to make sure a perfect practice session , otherwise no way .
Mar 28 at 05:40
80 posts
davesper posted:
The best option is training. You can learn not only on a real account, which can allow a trader to get an adequate result.
We should learn on demo account and then go for live account so that we can analyze our skills we built from practice.
Mar 29 at 09:08
327 posts
demo is good but the resuilt from demo we get actually not works in a real account.
Mar 30 at 08:48
49 posts
Create a trade diary. You may always turn to your trading diary to help you make judgements based on previous data and build a vertical progression from beginner to professional levels. You may now easily transform your trading routine into positive habits.
Mar 30 at 10:17
40 posts
Focus on studying as much as you can about the market you're trading in, constantly analyse your trades to identify trends and mistakes, and practice disciplined risk management to protect your cash to improve your trading skills. Probably seek mentoring or join a trading community to receive ideas and feedback from more experienced traders.
Eric (Goldbarrel)
Apr 20 at 18:09
43 posts
Thanks to the forums, you can always be in contact with experienced traders and monitor any strategies online.
Make money with people who know how to make money.
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