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How is my trading system, people?

David (Trading2009)
Dec 14 2011 at 22:58
38 posts
Hi Boredlinbalard

Thanks for your interest in renting my EA for free.

Nordfx is an excellent broker for every EA I tested. To rent my EA for free, you can simply

apply an account(Micro account 500:1) through my IB link:' '

Once it gets approved, I will put the EA on your account and run your platform on my VPS.

Then, just enjoy my work. At the mean time, I only charge the broker instead of charging


You are free to terminate my service at any time you want. Even for other EA you want to

use, test it with nordfx, the result should be outstanding. Your fund is always safe under

your name. Minimum deposit $1000.

Thank you, enjoy pips

Merry Christmas

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