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Is there a way in the bot to make it trade as a % of free margin?

Apr 27 at 13:13
6 Replies
Member Since Apr 04, 2023   3 posts
Apr 27 at 13:13
Hi, I am wanting to know if there is a way to make the bot buy/sell as a % of the free margin or even the equity or perhaps even the balance?
Member Since Sep 02, 2022   36 posts
May 04 at 16:46
I am not an expert. But this seems to be unrealistic. Or I am already behind the trends.
Member Since Dec 31, 2021   1 posts
May 05 at 23:06
There has to be a free bot out there who is making a nice little profit with this forex market that isn't costing us newbie's a dime to experience.
Member Since Aug 15, 2017   10 posts
May 22 at 13:02
There much be a bot that does this. It is technically possible on MT4 (and very simple)
Member Since Sep 02, 2022   36 posts
May 22 at 13:15
Really? It'd be interesting to see if this's actually possible.
Member Since Apr 04, 2023   3 posts
Jun 23 at 16:18
'Remember to seek advice from professionals and understand the risks associated with trading before engaging in live trading'

Where can I get this professiinal advice you recommend as Firex Flex dont appear to offer any followup support whatsoever, even after Ivactually have paid them extra for that support?
Member Since Jun 19, 2023   11 posts
Jun 26 at 16:16
Sure thing! Many trading bots have the option to set buy/sell orders as a percentage of your free margin, equity, or balance. It's a convenient feature for managing risk and position sizing. Just double-check your settings to ensure it aligns with your risk management strategy.
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