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money manage and leverage

Jan 04 2021 at 06:26
147 posts
leverage is a double sided sword, you win in big and you lose big..but managing risk and money is in our hands.
Jan 04 2021 at 11:01
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williamhayes posted:
Marksteve posted:
I don’t know, I haven’t used high leverage ever.
I think anyone can try their hands on high leverage once in a while. There is no such rule for that. Yes, the risk would be high but isn’t that the whole point of trading?
I agree with you. But sometimes, I feel like high leverage is only for expert traders and that it is difficult for others to minimise losses. I like to trade on demos along with the live accounts and it is somewhat easy to keep the leverage high on demos. Wish it was as easy on live. I’m using Fxview and XTB as my brokers now, still using my old account of Mitrade for demo and trying out different strategies including a higher leverage.
Jan 04 2021 at 19:42
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Trading is my passion. I make this as my main income source.
Jan 04 2021 at 21:01
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Strict adherence to a risk management strategy is required to make the risks clear and predictable when trading with leverage.
Jan 11 2021 at 11:23
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That is right. Money management is required to reduce any risk that might come in the way of profits.
Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jan 28 2021 at 09:17
187 posts
The two important concepts of forex money management is leverage and margin, Leverage allows traders to invest much more than available into their trading account whereas margin is the real amount that a trader needs to put forward in order to open a trade.
Feb 08 2021 at 10:54
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Yes, money management can help a trader in reducing some sort of risk. It is better to risk a small percentage of your trades.
Feb 08 2021 at 12:32
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This is one of the things a strider should have, I didn't want to do well.
Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Feb 12 2021 at 11:16
125 posts
True, leverage can lead to both neg and pos results, but managing our funds is in our own hands. The better we handle our money, the more close we are to our goals. I always rebalance my positions in a trade if I get a bad signal from any indicator.
Feb 13 2021 at 13:52
298 posts
Money management and leverage trading is a very important issue. You cannot make money from trading without knowing the subject.
Mar 24 2021 at 18:23
330 posts
To make a good and profitable career a forex trader needs all the basic knowledge and education. Without the proper knowledge, no trader can survive in this risky market.
Jul 26 2021 at 17:09
567 posts
Tremblay posted:
To make a good and profitable career a forex trader needs all the basic knowledge and education. Without the proper knowledge, no trader can survive in this risky market.
Proper knowledge helps a trader to survive in this risky market.
Sep 05 2021 at 13:42
759 posts
Money management is essential for using high leverage.
Sep 06 2021 at 05:47
566 posts
Money management is very important for trading. It helps us to minimize our risks. Without money management, it's not possible to survive in the market.
Sep 06 2021 at 07:57
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Money Management is THE KEY to all trading success
Even if you win only 50% of your trades (2% Risk) on a Risk/Reward of 1:2 - after 10 trades you will have lost 10% and gained 20% = 10% gain!
So you must design your system to pinpoint the opportunities where you have the best chance of reaching at least your x2 Reward target and never lose more than your 2% Risk on any trade.
This is also the reason you will keep losing money, if your rewards are slim in relation to losses.

If you can practice 100% money management, you leverage, etc. will make no difference as your Risk : Reward stays constant - BUT you have to stick to the rules!

Nov 13 2021 at 15:07
8 posts
Money management is needed always actually, it doesn't matter whether you trade with leverages or not. Actually, if you will comply with money management and risk management practices then you will have less chances to blow your account. These rules are the main in trading activity and it's an inevitable part for every trader. Of course, there are some traders who like neglect money management practices, nevertheless they always lose their money because of this. Never try to take lots of risks on yourself without proper strategy and plan. It can lead to unpleasant consequences and can easily make you quit trading.
Nov 13 2021 at 19:48
939 posts
It is worth learning because it is very difficult to work with. As for me, this really requires experience and, most importantly, knowledge!
Nov 14 2021 at 09:44
801 posts
It all depends on the trader himself, his level of knowledge and understanding of the work process.
Nov 29 2021 at 05:38
73 posts
A trader should know proper money management and use the leverage to their advantage. Money management is the process of allocating funds in such a way that they can minimize losses and maximize gains. Leverage can be used to multiply gains or losses.
Dec 03 2021 at 20:17
825 posts
Leverage actually boosts your profit or loss multiple times. Try to minimize the usage of leverage in order to avoid capital losses.
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