Rewrs risk for Pairs

Jul 06 at 00:01
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Jul 06 at 00:01
How can I get the R-R ratios for cummlative time periods , not just by a single month?
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Jul 10 at 08:31
1. Collect Data: Gather your trade data for the entire cumulative period you want to analyze.
This includes entry and exit points, stop losses, take profits, and the outcomes of each trade (profit or loss).

2. Calculate Individual Trade R-R Ratios: For each trade, calculate the R-R ratio.
The R-R ratio is the ratio of the potential reward (profit target) to the potential risk (stop loss).

3. Aggregate the Results: Sum up the total rewards and total risks for all trades in the cumulative period.

4. Calculate the Cumulative R-R Ratio: Divide the total reward by the total risk to get the cumulative R-R ratio.
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Jul 10 at 10:11
Thank you , but I was looking for how to to it automatically with the My FxBook system.
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