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Rinse and Repeat

Terrencen (Terrencen)
Jul 30 2020 at 18:37
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I remember back last year(2019) early when I started trading. The was some guy who mentored me and said: 'Pending Orders Affect Your Trading Balance'

I learnt a lot from that statement and made judgments about him 'after' I rinsed and repeated what I know. I'm also a beginner, who's is able to deposit, Breakeven his account and never withdraw after. From what I have picked up is that us 'beginners' like to focus on many things which make our minds to totally lose it.

NB: Rinse and repeat trading what you know now.
      Do this with not more than 5 currencies(Choose)
      Do not add or subtract what you already know, you might need it.
      In terms of using indicators? It is a matter of choice!
      Do not rely on 'patterns' or whatsover_ TRADE WHAT YOU SEE!

I'm also a beginner too. Hope this helps!

Being profitable.
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