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Jun 14 2013 at 15:10
42 posts
New signals soon.
If wanted to make money on markets anyways. Consider, I will launch service soon.
Call will be watchable for about 2 weeks.
RoyceRoycegold on twitter
Oil rider Facebook Page.

Jun 15 2013 at 02:06
42 posts
You might want to be judging signals first
So i suggest you add me on twitter, or Facebook so you can watch.
After a bit of time, and for those who are interested, you drop me e-mail, or twitt. i will launch monthly subscription to those who wants to reveive full time the signals. At some times i will still offer signals. The idea is one pay me 1, to receive 4-5 back. Helps me grow my overall K faster, whilst i developped myself the precision.
We, on this commodity, can do from few ticks, to hundreds a week.
If feel interested already, i suggest your tick value =1$ to 2$
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