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Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And why?

Mar 09 at 08:06
399 posts
I use USD crosses mainly as i can use the DXY to add as a confluence. I dont like CHF pairs they are choppy and move slowly
Mar 09 at 11:15
939 posts
I prefer to use for work those pairs that can bring a good result at a given moment.
Mar 11 at 06:34
34 posts
Exotic currency pairs are the most volatile currency pairs and should be avoided. These currency pairs have least liquidity and in order to trade them, traders need a big amount of deposit to meet the losses in the form of large spreads.
Mar 11 at 11:40
939 posts
Now I prefer to trade pairs with dollars.
Mar 13 at 10:54
939 posts
The most suitable pairs to work with are those with the dollar. At least that's what I prefer.
Mar 21 at 06:11
46 posts
Most traders avoid trading with exotic pairs because they have high volatility and high spreads. However, some people do trade with them but they have more expertise. Personally, I do not trade pairs like USD/SEK, EUR/TRY, and USD/HKD.
Mar 21 at 07:28
111 posts
My least favourite pairs to trade are USDRUB, USDSGD, EURSEK as they are illiquid, lack market depth and are highly volatile which eventually leads to low volume trades.
Mar 21 at 10:37
9 posts
I tried trading with GBPJPY but the spreads are so large that it just didn't work out
Mar 23 at 05:33
23 posts
NZD/JPY is my least favourite pair because of its high volatility.
Mar 23 at 10:50
939 posts
Recently I have been using pairs with the dollar.
May 23 at 17:55
13 posts
I notice traders claim about high volatility and they prefer less liquid currency pairs.
I stand for volatility because I am convinced that high volatility means th opportunity to earn more money potentially. Ofc, it's not right to hurry for money and traders should be wise and make moves gradually, nevertheless I believe that volatile pairs are the most suitable for scalpers and day traders. In case we are talking about the potential income. BUT, remember about mistakes, losses and other unpleasant things. They as a rule confuse traders and makes them scary of the market.

I am not afraid definitely =)
May 24 at 03:39
2 posts
I avoid exotic currency pairs because they are more volatile
Jun 03 at 07:39
283 posts
right now i am trading with GBP/USD
Jun 06 at 09:29
34 posts
All exotic pairs are my least favourite because their liquidity is higher and it is complicated to predict. Anyone finding exotic pairs easy to trade please let me know how you do it.
Jun 09 at 06:10
32 posts
Anyone new to forex trading will find the EUR/USD pair to be the most straightforward. That it's simple and liquid is a plus. In my opinion, novice traders should start out by trading simple currency pairs.
Jun 10 at 07:26
18 posts
Anyone who wants to get into forex trading should start with the EUR/USD pair. As an added benefit, it's not overly complicated or liquid-heavy.
Jun 14 at 11:43
16 posts
I think currency pair selection is an important part of your overall trading approach. But I understand a lot of Forex traders are confused about which currency pairs to trade. I typically do not trade in exotic pairs as they are highly volatile and are illiquid. The spreads are extremely wide and have a lack of market depth. They are riskier as compared to major pairs which are rather stable. Exotic pairs feature low trading volumes which lead to lack of liquidity which is why I do not like trading in exotic pairs which is my personal viewpoint.
Jun 15 at 05:48
23 posts
I usually stick to the major pairs. I am ok with trading with cross pairs but always stay away from exotic pairs. They are just too tricky to trade with.
Jun 15 at 06:04
20 posts
Just like most traders, I would also avoid exotic currency pairs because of the low liquidity and high volatility. These pairs can use a significant portion of trading capital to cover their losses.
Jun 15 at 08:58
9 posts
I only trade USD pairs, everything else has too high spread and price movement is more random
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