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Anyone knows of a hedging EA

Nov 01 2012 at 17:05
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Hi guys (and gals),

   I am looking for an EA or a function that I can add to an existing EA, that will maintain a hedge order at a break even level.

   'What's the guy talking about?' I already hear you say.

   OK, Imagine this scenario: You have one or a series of trades where the market has gone against you and you do not want to take a loss yet, because you'd rather wait for the market to turn back. So in order to protect your orders from being stopped out you place a hedge (same total lot size) in opposite direction. So far, so good, but you need to get out of the hedge at some time without risking a huge loss.

   Example: I sell 1.15 lot at 1.6100 in anticipation of a downward market. Instead of moving down, the pair moves up and at a certain pre-determined level e.g. 1.6250 I place a pending buy-stop order for 1.15 lot. Once this is triggered, I will be more or less status quo no matter which way the market moves, except for the swaps/rollover. If the market continues to move up the value of the buy order will outweigh the continuous reduction of value in the sell order.

   Now the tricky part that I want to achieve is the following: When the market moves down under the 1.6250 again the hedge order shall be closed at break-even. A new pending order should be set at the same price, or as close as possible depending on the price movement, in order to secure a continued 'insurance' against repeated upward movements.

   E.g. the first hedge closes as the price reaches 1.6247 (Assuming a 3-pip spread) and immediately places a buy-stop at 1.6250 again.

   Please, do not respond with comments like: 'Never trade without a S/L' or other friendly advice to teach me how to trade according to your rules, because I know what I am trying to achieve here (although it may not seem so from your perspective) and I just need to know if anyone in this great community has an idea or suggestion on how to proceed. The situation is that I have a close friend who is in this situation and he does not have the time to manage the hedge 24/7. So if a small EA can manage this for him until the market for his pair eventually turns back we can both relax and wait out the storm instead of risk being caught in the 'hedge trap' or losing out to the market.

   Thanks in advance for your hopefully fabulous suggestions and recommendations. May your pips be plenty.

Nov 08 2012 at 04:52
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I built 2 hedging EAs.. one is full martingale and the other is antimartingale, both hedge.

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Dirk (Quick100)
Nov 09 2012 at 09:28
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Yep...have a look to my accounts...

Nov 09 2012 at 11:39
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Do you foresee that the hedging functionality in any of your EA's could help in the situation I described? I.e. is it possible to specify a price where the hedge should trigger when the market goes agianst the open trades and take profit at B/E when the market turns back again? And continue to maintain this hedge at same level when the market swings back and forth across the set price?

Maybe you can describe the way your hedge works inside your EA's.


CrazyTraderfx (CrazyTrader)
Nov 09 2012 at 15:26
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I sent you a private message.


Jan 11 2013 at 23:02
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Hi, FXrenegade

This might be my hedge as you want, but I made it more simple enough, once opened a hedge position is not like that price direction is expected
expert advisor that I make will react to keep the price in the opposite direction by opening the opposite position. with a preponderance lot by not reducing the resistance of Money Management, will actually increase the equity when it reached the take profit or profit even if the price has only got 1 pips profit.

He will steal pips from the opposite direction before, if it turns out that the price came first in his appeal with a tick that comes later in your chart does not match the expectations of your hedge position open at the time.

And my ea doing it secretly and hidden.

see my profile Surya ~RISE AND SHINE~

At least for me, is not martingale hedge will always touch the margin call to take a chance even if the price changes will increase the resilience of capital

Jan 19 2013 at 08:44
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since rise and shine have 100% profit only in 6 six day 😀, my mt4 on vps act strange... still learning what this make happen.
plus more my vps host not use firewall and Anti virus, 😇

this EA act if any gap appears it will close all open position or making up new position (tradeUp). it's posiple to make 14 deep level position with minimal lot, I have figured out with good MM , but gap script not working... lol.. wkwkwk....
there is a difference chart beetwen cart from this broker to another, but I do not suspect him as a spike, it was normal for me, we have to be smarter than the reaction mttrader server. I will not discuss it...

I'm still studying the shortcomings of this ea.


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