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Array of Open, High, Low, Close and EMAs of each within Time Parameters

Dale C (dalecam)
Feb 19 2014 at 11:52
76 posts
would someone please quote me (or show me where i can get quotes for ea work?) on the following.
I need an array to access in my code, that collects O,H,L,C of a period where the GMT start time (ie 6:00) and GMT endtime (ie:23:00) is set in the parameters. The Array would pause collecting, and resume when the time starts again. It should be no more than a depth of 200.
I would then like to be able to call an EMA on the stored array for any of the variables (O,H,L,C).
Any takers? If it could also be in an include so that i could re-use it- that would be great!
Thank you!
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