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Bug in MyFxBook APi - Get Daily Data call

Jul 02 at 09:18
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Hi there!,

When I use the method Get Daily Data (xml or json version) I get all the fields correctly, but FloatingPL is most of the time zero.
When I check my stat in myfxbook website I can see that all the fields matches but not the floatingPL.
I have checked dates individually, and even periods of one month, according to the api I do not face any drawdown as floatingPL is always zero, but it is not the case, the result is no correct for that field, it is a bug.

Any suggestions?

Example of data retrieved by the API:

<response error='false' message=''>
<floatingPL>0.00</floatingPL> <----------- always zero, and my account has drawdown, what it fails is the api.

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