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Correlation - text

Mar 25 2013 at 08:52
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I've been trying to find an indicator for MT4 that does this:

Creates a label which contains the correlation between the current pair your window chart is open and another pair for (1) the past x period (2) the past y period (including today's price). You can edit the position of the label, font and colour. So for example, you have the GBPUSD window open on a daily. You want to see the correlation with EURUSD for (1) the past 50 days and (2) past 10 days. The label shows the pair name (EURUSD, and 50 days DAILY: 0.876 (let's say) and 10 days DAILY: 0.762 (let's say). You can edit the currency pair and the time frame. So if you wanted to run the first correlation on daily and second on 4 Hour, you can.
The calculation of correlation could be on open or close (again editable).

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