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Do you have a winning EA?

Forexangel (Forexangel)
Dec 23 2013 at 15:35
44 posts
I was out of market for make the program better, now we have it, that we can come over all difficult situations.
you must understand what the ea can make for you.
If you was looking on the homepage you know, that this EA is not for sell, we participate on your Profit, so you can be sure that we are interested that you have profit.
May be we have till now only backtests, and this is not reference, then you are not right, if you know, exactly how the backtest works, you can use it to find difficult situations. we test in the backtest with spread 3 , in live we have 1 so we know, that we have usally better results in live.

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optimofx (optimofx)
Dec 23 2013 at 17:04
250 posts
U quit from a DEMO to make program better? Interenting argument...No sense
If u wanna know is a automated strategie is profitable u must firt optimize, second test in demo, and third test in live. So ur reasoning have no sense.

Caution ¡¡ Forex market is full of scams ¡¡
Forexangel (Forexangel)
Dec 23 2013 at 17:36
44 posts
I dont see some result from you also here in myfxbook, so what you write here is also not for verify.
contact me on skype and we can discuss about sense or nonsense of the Strategietest, I have also more then 4 years experience with the MT4, and all what I had in live was reproductable in the strategietest. so I cannot understand your meaning, but if you have time I will discuss this with you , so contact me in skype please my skypename is forexangelea

Klein Anfangen und dann ganz gross werden
Dec 23 2013 at 20:47
5 posts
Forexangel posted:
Hello you look for a profitable Expert advisor, then look for this.
the Forexangel works in M1 and is always in Market. for more informations contact me in skype Forexangelea

Sorry @Forexangel but that backtest means absolutely nothing... Backtests of martingale systems do NEVER guarantee you won't have a drawdown big enough to bankrupt your account. I can show you dozens of backtests like yours (in fact, almost exactly as yours) and I won't EVER use these systems for real.
They ALWAYS loose sooner or later.

But, if you dare, invest your real money with your system... 😄


Nothing is impossible. Only easy or difficult.
Dec 23 2013 at 20:48
5 posts
My last post was duplicated -don't know why, and I guess both of my posts have been deleted for that reason. Sorry for that, if I did something wrong I beg for pardon, I didn't want to douple post.
@Forexangel, I didn't want to criticize your EA, it was just an advice, as I have already spent hundreds of hours backtesting and optimizing EAs, and used martingales in real accounts, only to realize weeks after that I will lose all my money if I continued that approach. If you want to keep safe your money, stay away from Martingales... That's my advice.
My skype is yokinfx, if you want to talk.

For a -somewhat- good system, check my sistem signals-investingdev from 2013-12-10 (10th of December), when I decided the original system just did not work as in optimizations and backtests. In fact, I am not able to reproduce results: if I backtest my EA for the period I have been using EA in real account, results in backtest are absolutely different. And it's a MQL5 EA.
The result? I will have to check my EAs with more serious investing platforms, like JForex or IB's API.

Nothing is impossible. Only easy or difficult.
Swiss Management
Dec 24 2013 at 14:54
110 posts
You should check some serious pamm account if you want earn some money.....

Forexangel (Forexangel)
Dec 24 2013 at 15:23
44 posts
we have clients who trade with this ea, and have very good results. our EA is not hedging, and no scalping, we have a special inputselection which works direct in thw actuel time, and verifies this with indicators.
all indicators built them trend from the history, and are not near enough to the actuel market.
the forexangel change the strategie of trading directly when necessary, he can decide if follow the longtime trend or change the direction if necessary. or make a break if market is not stable enough for make profit.
I dont see many EA`s who trade in M1 and make constantly profit. I tested many other EAs which are on the market, they have one strategie, which make in one market good profit, but if Situation change, you will have a crash.
For such EAs you dont have service, and if they run you can nothing make if something goes wrong, you see only your account going down. with the forexangel you are always able to investigate, if you think you can better trade as the ea.
one is sure, if somebody sell an EA he is not sure how long it will bring profit, therefore better a little bit Profit by selling.
Not so by us, the forexangel have a service, and we are interested that you have profit, only then we have also profit.
we are interested on a win -win Situation for all, for now and in the future

And now I wish all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and good Profit in the next year
with and without the forexangel.

Klein Anfangen und dann ganz gross werden
Dec 27 2013 at 22:50
5 posts
I've created a neural network with C++, C#, webservices and mql4 to solve problem (monthly gain 100% , max Drawdown <15%, winning rate > 70% )
You could look at it result here:

Forexangel (Forexangel)
Dec 28 2013 at 07:15
44 posts
How look s the backtest over the last 2 years

Klein Anfangen und dann ganz gross werden
Dec 28 2013 at 08:44
67 posts
Ok since everyone is sending in their systems, Ill post mine as well.

no scalping, no grids, no martingale.
lots of pips earned, and low risk per trade.

130 trades in 5 weeks, earning 2100 pips with a profit factor of 2.05

Min account is 2,000 USD.

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