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Alex Ooi (axel85)
Oct 13 2015 at 06:01
23 posts
Hi Folks, I wanted to program an EA to trigger a position on MT4 (Binary option) when my EA gives off alert but i dont know where to start from. Thank you.
I had an indicator which gives off trading signal using RSI indicator. I want to place a position be it Sell or Buy with 1 minute expiry when my indicator gives off signal. If RSI above 70 then sell else abort. If RSI below 30 then buy else abort.

Can any expert out there help me with my metaeditor programming please.
Thank you so much.

Always trade with confident!
GeorgeB (GB85)
Oct 14 2015 at 13:41
7 posts
Binary Option is just a pure gambling. No indicators will help you..

Don (240Z)
Oct 15 2015 at 02:17
50 posts
open up your MT4 terminal, then open up your Metaquote Editor and look in the toolbox for the Code Base tab. double click an EA you find interesting and then search for one based on RSI .

“Everybody should have a dream. What if that dream comes true?” – Jack Ma
Mar 08 2016 at 08:31
1 posts
are you still looking to get this done? Do you have the the MQ4 source fill for your Indicator?

Mar 09 2016 at 11:15
5 posts
Searching reliable EA for binary options, self recommend welcome!

GoodBo - Binary Options EA (GoodBo)
Nov 04 2016 at 09:10
14 posts
Hi - I have developed a binary options EA for MT4 that has been profitable in demo for some time and now in live with my own hard earned cash :-)

The EA is monitored by a human. It is not set and forget and trades are monitored until an acceptable win rate is reached. The demo results and now live are on here. Its no available for subscription on myfxbook yet as there are not enough trades. It is available on MQL community for subscription.

Take a look and let me know what you think


Feb 22 2017 at 15:53
3 posts
Hello folks.

I am looking for syatems and strategies for Binary options to be installed on CTRADER platform. Any suggestions???

Jim Poniat (jimmycdn)
Feb 26 2017 at 15:48
14 posts
You approach to signals form RSI is very wrong, you will fail with this design. RSI is very powerful indicator, it’s leading not lagging but is not giving signals to sell or buy. And 70/30 levels are showing site move. Has to be different concept. Cheers Jim

Feb 27 2017 at 08:02
3 posts
Hi Jim, I like your approach... New to binary options on a loosing streak have used some indicators etc on a learning curve here. Can some one direct me to the Best EA's that you have had experienced and where to get them? Also my broker is offering me a Binary Managed account, what are your ideas behind that?

Mar 01 2017 at 07:35
1 posts
Not sure if this is what you are asking for, but this application can bridge MT4 to and allows you to trade BO using your own EA running on MT4.

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