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Looking To Hire An API Programmer

ForexFBI (forexfbi)
Sep 05 2012 at 15:07
24 posts
I need a programmer to build me a script that will get all my accounts data, and then output it nicely in a sortable table with each row consisting of each system on my account, and then all the columns consisting of the different data types like deposit, gain, drawdown, profit factor etc...
Alexander (alexandervojak)
Sep 05 2012 at 20:08
5 posts

How much are you ready to pay?

Alexander Sokhanych
CEO Your Trading Systems
email: [email protected]
Skype: yourtradingsystems
ForexFBI (forexfbi)
Sep 05 2012 at 21:07
24 posts
I ended up figuring it all out on my own, thanks :)
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