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mql4 help! I'm close but still miss something...

Marco (Marco76)
Aug 08 2012 at 10:22
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HI there, I'm not so deep in mql4 and, to be honest, a lousy coder as well... 😝
Maybe someone can help me with this. At the end I want to have a multitimeframe double stochastic which shows me not only the final value for the upper chosen timeframe but as well the way it has built in the lower timeframe bar by bar.
To be a bit more clear: all the multitimeframe indicators update to show the final value of the indicator for the choosen upper timeframe (eg. on a 1H chart we'll have 'steps' of 4 bar to show the value of the indicator for the 4H timeframe); this is an example of the 4H DSS on a 1H chart:

What I would like to have is to get rid of the steps of the MTF to show the true values of the indicator at the close of the lower timeframe bar. It's good for visual backtest to really see how the indi unfolded on a 1H chart; this is an example of such an indicator I found:

Now I'm trying to modify this in a double stochastic indicator but all those arrays and inverted numberings ect ect are a real headache for me!
Attached are the codes of the original indi (TDI-MTF-zz) and what I have made till now (TEST DSS-MTF)...which results in nothing on the screen. File 'DSS Bressert ColoredM' is the original double stochastic with the calculation code.
Thanks a lot guys for any small help in this!


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