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need programmer to code simple indicator that will change color of candles

Alfonso Moreno (panoramia)
Dec 17 2012 at 08:03
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Hello there!

I'm interesting in having having a programmer code a very simple indicator for MT4.

What I need is to change color of candles that have been created during slow market and/or asian session.

- Indicator will change color of candles depending on the candles' opening/closing hours
- We'll have 2 inputs that will allow me to set the FROM and TO hours where candles will change color.If I want to set multiple ranges, I will drag several instances of the indicator to the same chart, no need to have several ranges on the same indicator
- COLOR SELECTION: we'll be able to have an input to change color for the candles matching a certain range
- HIGHEST TIMEFRAME TO SHOW COLOR CHANGES: we should have an input where we can select which is the highest timeframe where we want to see the candles change color, by default it will be 1H. So if I look at charts I will be able to see candle's colors changed on 1H, 30M and below timeframes because 1H has been selected. If I chose 4H then we'll see color changes on 4H and below charts

That would be all. If you can do this, please contact me at and let me know. It's a very easy indicator, it shouldn't take you long to complete it

Looking forward to hearing from your proposal and pricing
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marneni kondalarao (kondalarao)
Feb 25 2013 at 07:14
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if you need a good ea, my ea performance is in attachments verify and contact me. my skype id is mmtree1


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