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Need some help programming a strategy

Oct 27 2015 at 14:39
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Hello Friends,
Can somebody help me to develop an EA?

-Buy / Sell in the same time
-automatically open orders on M15 when a new candle start
-opening orders just between 5:00 to 12:00 London Time
-the possibility to place orders simultaneously on more currency pairs.

I did tested this just opening orders one time per day SL:150 TP:600, is not profitable every day, but at the end of the week is profitable. And I am thinking it can be less risky if you open more orders in that period of time.

Regards, Allan

Oct 28 2015 at 07:16
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yes i can help for u create ea but i need some detail

Oct 31 2015 at 07:38
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Hi, I am interesting in programming. anyone could point to a direction?

Oct 31 2015 at 15:34
1916 posts
do an online search

Nov 04 2015 at 08:17
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Nov 15 2015 at 09:01
3 posts
search expert advisor builder for meta trader 4 on google u get rt site to learn programming

Nov 15 2015 at 13:15
45 posts
Also try mql community.

Nov 16 2015 at 07:37
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even i have tried on search engine but due to lack of coding knowledge i could not completed the process of programming

Don (240Z)
Nov 17 2015 at 03:27
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one way to learn MQL4 code > from MT4 terminal hit F4 which opens Editor then view Toolbox > code base ... double click a selection that draws your interest and view the code. do this for a while and you will learn about coding

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Nov 18 2015 at 07:44
17 posts
appealing use with the value by the new bar as those match with the condition with the strategy of trader,

to work with the comparatives theory of david hume but you should enter the political economy class or the finance to give the briefs of explanation on how the technical theory should work with the running of scripts with the ats.
you read also karl marx for the financial theory.
i used to go to international affair majors college when i was a little kids and learned of good theory on international security and politics to help with the chance on working with the analytics of the finance plan.
you get some models to work with the running of strategy on appealing risks on moderation as of your ideal priors on preference,
and run with the chance on qualifying profiles of market within the unlimited range of sequence with the initial terms of your decision.
you defines as if those work with the appeals with the emh or bf only if you hold your magister/master profession.
my ex girlfriend is a master, yet i am only a programmer, i am a good programmer.

the online project auction should helps of the request with the tasks of above mention please pay not less than $275 for the request.

Nov 18 2015 at 11:07
3 posts
Hi guys, i made it, if someone want it is uploaded.

But what i want to do to this ea, is to program him, to trade automatically just in a specific hours.
ex: from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Could be this done?


FSM (dkilmer)
Nov 21 2015 at 07:35
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You can use the Hour() function to get the current hour on the server.
On mine it shows 12, which it is 9:30 right now (PST) , so if you want to do 9am-3pm your time, you will need to adjust the integer.

int hour = Hour();
Comment(IntegerToString(hour)); // so you can see what is in this variable

hour = hour - 3; // if I was to adjust it for 9am-3pm my time

if((hour >= 9) && (hour < 15)){
    //// Allow for trading
    //// otherwise after hours

hope this helps

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Nov 24 2015 at 07:30
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Jan 09 2016 at 18:43
1189 posts
Does anyone even bother reading API or DOCS any longer?


Those are built in functions for dealing with server and local times.

*cough* RTFM....

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