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need programmer

investorjester (investorjester)
Apr 29 2012 at 06:20
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hello, first post here.

i’m looking for an experienced MT4 programmer to create at least 1 EA to automate my FX and oil trading strategy.

i previously worked for the largest accountancy firm and the largest bank, and am now self employed FX and oil trader. i trade manually but wish to automate.

strategy optimised to trade major fx pairs and brent crude oil. trade trending and consolidating market conditions, is not a scalper, but is a set of conditions/rules (about 10-15). based on 100 or 200 tick chart, uses 1 MA. i can regularly achieve 25-100 points per day depending on market conditions. losses are minimised by lot size selection and taking trades which have small risk stops, but high reward opportunities. profits are maximised through a kind of trailing stop which i have not seen anywhere else.

programmer will obviously have full access to the EA('s) and the complete strategy methodology behind it once an arrangement is made.

if anyone with MT4 skills interested working with me on this,

Trading Forex is no joke!
ypnoz01 (ypnoz01)
May 03 2012 at 17:25
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i can help you.
hit me up.

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