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Req : Modification for an Universal EA

Sep 22 2012 at 07:37
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Hello friends this is checkmail and am having an good strategy with this universal EA during volatile markets, when manual trading is
                 difficult, robots can do it easily.The Universal EA is an complete 2MA cross EA, with third MA as its filter, trail stops, loop options, Money management, nearly everything in it.

What haunts me to trade this EA is that the ea uses an standard moving average calculation method, which often lags and also repaints badly in various conditions.
Me just wana modify this current standard MA method into and more advanced MA method which gives an precise trend, no lagging, as well as less repainting signals.

Even the EA is worth that much with all functions built in it.
Just an small modification in the code and viola, we would have our new EA ready to earn profits during volatile markets.

Hope you all friends get mine point, is anyone willing to code this modification, think it might be easy for experienced coders.
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