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reverse engineering

furqansheikh (sheikh)
Apr 16 2013 at 16:08
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Dear Sir,
My project is regarding reverse engineering , i have a history of trades and i want you to make an expert advisor by analyzing the trades . if you can do that let me know quickest.

Muhammad Furqan Sheikh.
CrazyTraderfx (CrazyTrader)
Apr 17 2013 at 23:19
1718 posts

If you want to hear about my opinon, I do not think that reverse engineering is possible regarding trading unless you have some clues about indicators that may be used.

Are you sure it is only automated trades? and not a blend of manual trades as well?

Do you know if there is manual closed position or not?... what are the rules for exiting a trade?

Are you sure that your history is only one EA?

One EA could contain many different type of strategies for opening trade.

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