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CrazyPyramid (CoinToss)
In Trading Systems by MaLiBoO - Nov 26 2009 at 14:25
In Trading Systems by Wallace - Nov 26 2009 at 13:06
Thanks Mike for your kind words and donation. Hope that traders can find useful information on my website and my testing result 😄
In Trading Systems by gallen81 - Nov 26 2009 at 04:59
pls add me in msn to discuss more about it..thanks
In Trading Systems by MoneyFountain1 - Nov 26 2009 at 04:37
Grid trading is excellent for ranging markets - which we have had for several weeks now. However, when there are large moves in a small time frame, it hurts the account and badly!! :( Like any system,...
In Trading Systems by Yonex - Nov 26 2009 at 04:32
Hello! Very, very nice system you have! May I ask what EA you are using? 😁
s26 live2
In Trading Systems by billiboysclub - Nov 26 2009 at 04:01
ok, i just saw you are trading other pairs on this acc as that still using S26 mode 2?
ADT Overlap Tracking
In Trading Systems by billiboysclub - Nov 26 2009 at 03:54
It is extremely frustrating when my platforms do not execute all the profitable trades.
only authenticated accounts on systems page
In Suggestion Box by Staff - Nov 25 2009 at 22:38
[quote]ubernova posted: this verification system couldn't come sooner! question to staff:- apart from ad revenue, is there any plans to generate more income, i.e charge investors when a con...
"view only active systems" checkbox in t...
In Suggestion Box by CalculatedRisk - Nov 25 2009 at 18:43
Excellent suggestion. In fact any system not updated/traded for x period of time should be relegated to an archive.
In Trading Systems by maran83 - Nov 25 2009 at 16:50
Great consistent system. May I ask what are your entry and exit criteria ? Are you considering managed accounts ? Thanks.
Print Freindly
In Suggestion Box by JuanP - Nov 25 2009 at 13:48
great!... I was about to ask that question as well.
My first Real Account!!
In Trading Systems by emiliolopez333 - Nov 25 2009 at 03:53
i had too much leverage, i think thats why there was so much volativity in the account. ill try from now on to lower the leverage😐
Mobile freindly page
In Suggestion Box by hejhej17 - Nov 24 2009 at 21:57
Could be nice with a special Iphone App where it is possible to check a account updated via investor login :) - maybe something similar to ForexOnTheGo, just for free :)
My Account Never Gets Past the "Process"...
In General by Staff - Nov 24 2009 at 15:21
Well, the first advice would be to contact support using the contact page, or by sending us a message 😄. The second advice would be not to set the connection type to EA and still use the publ...
BBW Scalper 3.9.8 Pro(Vondale 3k 95846) retired 30...
In Trading Systems by LEHayes2 - Nov 24 2009 at 12:46
This one is new, but I put the latest version on it and before I did, I closed the orders from the previous version to ensure we are getting a clean run. My guess is that in a couple of days, this au...
Biggest floating loss (in %)
In Suggestion Box by Andrey - Nov 24 2009 at 11:05
Z PhantomTrader - Live
In Trading Systems by paul - Nov 24 2009 at 10:00
How do I go about getting this EA. Is this available in the market?
dzani9 fx strategy
In Trading Systems by fxaku - Nov 24 2009 at 08:36
trader malaysia
BBW Scalper (80268} Retired 30 days
In Trading Systems by LEHayes2 - Nov 23 2009 at 19:32
Good coming out the door, but too much open drawdown. new version should be able to keep the drawdown lower, allowing for more earnings. This is a $5k account. I have been having trouble getting th...
BBW Scalper (80262) Retired - 30 days
In Trading Systems by LEHayes2 - Nov 23 2009 at 19:15
Bummer, there wasn't enough time to get this one back into a happy production as I would have liked after putting the bad build on. Oh well, this is what testing is all about. demo time ran out, ...