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Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And ...
In New Traders by acidhinity - Mar 03 at 09:55
I believe some exotic pairs can really be a pain in the neck and are difficult to trade. I avoid them as much as I can. Major pairs are good to trade.
How to determine whether the platform is safe and ...
In Experienced Traders by baytonhinity - Mar 03 at 09:33
The best way to determine this is to research your way into it. Testing out a platform can also work towards getting a fair idea about it.
IC Sakura New (VPS)
In Trading Systems by arildbull - Mar 03 at 09:31
I like your system even with a high leverage like the one you used here. Good work.
In Strategies by hitterbull - Mar 03 at 09:30
The return on this is amazing! I wonder what strategies or money management you used for this. Nice work!
Continuum Trading 2020
In Trading Systems by barmangrunt - Mar 03 at 09:29
Your demo trading system is quite impressive. Keep up the great work!
How much should you invest in trading
In Experienced Traders by oshaban - Mar 03 at 09:06
I have different way to find the right answer for such question ... I believe that to start trading, a good start of 10% of your total capital that you can lose in the worst case. May be max 15%. You ...
The Prime Scalping EA
In Trading Systems by Ommen001 - Mar 03 at 09:03
This guy named Patrick Nguyen from Vietnam is only showing results from demo accounts. I have bought his products because he was telling me that I also will have the results in my live account. After ...
Simplex Continuum
In Trading Systems by SimplexFx - Mar 03 at 08:34
@marktezy no, we don't sell any robots, expert advisors or any magic quick rich courses :-) We only trade our managed PAMM accounts under private mode and all other live accounts posted onto my...
What is the market risk that affects the "up ...
In Experienced Traders by triciawilsonn - Mar 03 at 08:08
There is no particular risk you must look for. What is a risk for you might be an advantage for other traders. Learn properly because that’s what will help.
monthly gain % based on current balance
In Suggestion Box by johnsonfiff - Mar 03 at 08:07
I am not sure how it will work. The method might not be able to get the accurate monthly gain percentage. You can give it a try and see how it works.
FXOpen 4XCB #1
In Trading Systems by gookerjohnson - Mar 03 at 08:06
I think it’s normal. You can try your system in some more trades and if it still doesn’t work, you can look for new strategies that work better.
List Systems with ROI rather than overall % gain.
In Suggestion Box by blixtpiece - Mar 03 at 08:05
I think that’s a great suggestion. You have given me a new perspective that I will remember for years to come.
Who do you differentiate between Retracement and R...
In General by klosspiece - Mar 03 at 07:51
Reversal is when the trend changes direction while retracement is a temporary price reversal that happens within a larger trend.
By gambling one can get
In General by Zipp7 - Mar 03 at 07:23
[quote]freckcope posted: I think there is a lot of research, learning and a deep understanding of the market is required for trading forex. Can’t say it’s close to gambling there.[/quote] ...
In Brokers by Zipp7 - Mar 03 at 07:19
Great broker with quick support. Low commission and great spreads from what I have experienced. No issues so far.
API to access historical liquidity / COT reports d...
In Suggestion Box by jjcadiga - Mar 03 at 07:01
Hi My suggestion is to add an API for developers to access your database of current and historical liquidity and COT reports data. Addtionally , it would be helpful to provide access to the system...
Trade Daily 2021 /SS.1
In Trading Systems by hailddjs - Mar 03 at 04:41
Why don’t you try some other techniques and strategies on this system. You can also make use of stop loss for reducing the chance of losing. Good luck to you.
People come into trading
In General by epeeminna - Mar 03 at 04:40
That is right and the learning process should be embraced by traders since it only helps them in the future. Better to start with scratch than regret later, I say.
Sniper EA
In Trading Systems by blancheklein - Mar 03 at 04:39
Not at all a bad system and even though the leverage is pretty high, the results speak for themselves.
spotty-1 daily
In Strategies by blancheklein - Mar 03 at 04:38
I would like to know more about this please. Feel free to share some details, thanks.