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Alfred v1.2 (By Rizki Kurniawan Paradja )

Gain : +5151.91%
Drawdown 34.67%
Pips: 27915.0
Trades 876
Model Quality: 90.0%
Bars in test: 3948
Ticks Modelled: 10823559

Forward Test Insta Account

Alfred v1.2 Discussion

Rizki Kurniawan Paradja (minyu2)
Nov 14 2013 at 09:45
38 posts
Hi. This is Alfred EA. It is a trend following strategy. The strategy seek to trade in the direction of the trend during pullback. It risks 1% of account free margin per trade with maximum 8 open positions including hedge positions. It works best for EURUSD pair. The backtest period is from 2001 to 2013. The worst dd was 35% but honestly I think the maximum risk is 100% in forex trading. In addition, the maximum stagnation period was 308 days. It is a far from perfect strategy but I think it has the chance to give positive result in the long term..say 5 to 10 years. So, I guess long-term commitment and patience is required to use this EA. I currently doing a walk-forward test for this version (v1.2) to check its robustness. The changing parameter is the risk per trade only. My plan is to trade between 0.5% to 2% with 0.5% increment. I use equal ratio for the in sample vs out sample data which is 90 days. I will post the result later. Meanwhile here's the link for the previous version backtest and live account.

Comments are appreciated 😀
Rizki Kurniawan Paradja (minyu2)
Nov 14 2013 at 09:45
38 posts
I attach the WFA result using 90 days optimization and 90 days testing period. Risk parameter is increased if previous testing period ended with negative return and decreased of the return exceeded 10%. Overall there are 50 passes (out sample data). The average return is 11.7%. The absolute DD and relative DD are 5.7% and 12.5% respectively. The walk forward efficiency ratio is 2.24 which indicates that this is a robust strategy.


Nov 16 2013 at 08:55
2 posts
I wanna to know from where u got this EA ?
because it is mine , i made it and called it Alfred EA like my name.
And this EA has more than one version and the latest version has been V.15
Rizki Kurniawan Paradja (minyu2)
Nov 17 2013 at 07:29
38 posts
Hi Alfred,
I developed this EA myself and named it Alfred as in Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth :)
I thought I might encounter something like this. Is yours a commercial EA?
Dr Ramin Rostami (Ramin_Rostami)
Nov 18 2013 at 19:55
253 posts
1st time i see a good expert here ....your expert very good expert i want see its realtime run too

can you run it here with a 500$ account ask them: i am frined if Dramin rostami friend they will give you 0.1 pip on eurusd for free
if you dont has money open a demo account in maysuz and run it and sedn em login and password

then i can put big money on it

back test not important....real time run even demo is important
Rizki Kurniawan Paradja (minyu2)
Nov 27 2013 at 21:08
38 posts
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I run 3 live tests. One using instafx standard with 4 decimal, one using fxopen cent account and I open PAMM standard acc (5 decimal) with Alpari RU.
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