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Euro FX Live Test II (By Ckelevra )

The user has deleted this system.

Euro FX Live Test II Discussion

Ckelevra (ABCDE)
May 01 2015 at 08:08
1 posts
Do you really think it is possible to grow a 500 bucks into 22 million within 4-5 years?
I mean, the results above look great, the test has a 90% modelling quality. I didn't include tick data unfortunately to make it a 99.9 %.

I'm not convinced at all, to be honest. Backtesting results may give a rough overview about what you can expect from a trading system.
But a growth of over 4 M % ? Sounds ridiculous to me... ;-)
Anyways, I opened a Live Account, deposited 500 USD and hosted the EA this week.

We'll see us in a few years - hopefully in my mansion or on my yacht :-)


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