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FXPT_SpotSilver_v2 (By myfxpt )

The user has deleted this system.

FXPT_SpotSilver_v2 Discussion

Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Nov 07 2011 at 04:09
345 posts
Maybe I should change my name to SharpSilver, because this is where I seem to spend most of my time these days. And why not when trading results have been so consistently profitable. Still, forward testing is the only true test of a trading system and I invite you to watch my progress and add your thoughts and comments along the way.

FXPT_SpotSilver_v2 is an Expert Advisor I have been working on for only the past couple of months and the results look very promising so far. Some of my backtests started with $200 capital, 1:100 leverage, and trading 0.05 lots. This took the account to $4,265 within 12-months. Another backtest starting with $4,265 capital, 1:100 leverage, and trading 1.00 lot took the account to $85,568 over the same period (test results published here). This Expert Advisor allows micro start-up capital with rapid growth. It is producing 8 consecutive wins for 1 consecutive loss, generating a 24.91% drawdown. Overall I am getting a 90% win factor.

The system has only required an annual re-optimization during testing, however, I will be experimenting with this as I believe that long-term reliability can best achieved with a 3-month re-optimization program.

Look forward to hearing your views and comments.

Dec 16 2011 at 02:29
181 posts
Hi Gary,

The results look good. Congratulations. Are you sellig/leasing the EA?

If yes, are you happy to let me test it on demo/offer refund policy?

PMs are welcome :-)


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