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The Great Pretender (By sangmane)

The user has deleted this system.

The Great Pretender Discussion

Jan 19 2011 at 20:16
1 posts
It really is painful to see all the hopefuls on here looking to make money using this system.. hence me posting to try and save some pain... The system or whatever he claims to use does not exist..!

His nickname is 'The Great Pretender'

He has a recent post saying 'In The Great Pretender Jan 03 at 09:01
' Oh yes, I'm The Great Pretender Pretending that I'm doing well... ' Happy New Year!'

On his profile he says 'Don't try this at home'

The person has giving a few clues suggesting that his method is bollox.. take the hint!

How has he posted such amazing gains on here like so many other people!? As Speki wrote in the discussion it's simply an edited file uploaded from his computer, or something else along those lines. The net result is +785468.17M% gain.. come on people do you really think this is possible?.. think!

The moral of this post is not to trust any signals that look too good to be true..

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Jan 21 2011 at 23:05
1 posts
Jan 23 2011 at 14:22
1 posts
abdalla_star (abdalla_star)
Jan 24 2011 at 10:59
5 posts
لا اله الا الله

محمد رسول الله

Jan 30 2011 at 08:52
4 posts
dear sangmane interesting 😁 plz share white me 😉😳

Jan 31 2011 at 15:01
4 posts
You know you want me,,,,DANGEROUS!!!

the strategy,,,is so,,, DANGEROUS!!!


Feb 07 2011 at 02:47
16 posts
10000 lots can't be exacuted in one single prlce!!!!!!

Feb 07 2011 at 03:37
54 posts
This is really the great pretender , just keep pretending

Feb 14 2011 at 07:59
9 posts
@al-kahfi: trims atas threadnya. penjelasan sy di forum itu adlh yg sesuai dengan kenyataan. ea ini cuma bo'ong2an
@givonly: great momod!! anda hrs kerja keras utk mengubah mindset para forex trader indonesia

Givonly (Givonly)
Feb 14 2011 at 08:25
17 posts
Ok, thx Bro udah meng-clear-kan masalah.
Emang susah kalo ngejelasin orang udah ngga paham tapi ngeyel :(
Next, coba sy coba ngincer manipulasi di system ( bisa ngga ya?
Hehe, good job Brother...

Your Family and Friends are much worth than Forex! Spend your best time with them & make them happier, don't waste it only with the fucking chart ! [Givon Lee]
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