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HAEA V1 GOLD SYSTEM 2x Risk (By Mellotone )

Gain : +466329.15%
Drawdown 52.79%
Pips: 49697.0
Trades 666
Model Quality: 99.0%
Bars in test: 2981
Ticks Modelled: 191602147

Forward Test is not available

HAEA V1 GOLD SYSTEM 2x Risk Discussion

Mellotone (MellotoneSignals)
Jul 25 2019 at 00:02
52 posts
😎This Expert Advisor Costs $200 and can be purchased here:
It will include the 2x Risk Turbo Presets (Turbo is equal risk sometimes less but with futher optimized parameters)

Additional info:
I am from/based in the United Kingdom
Trade like a sir; live like a sir
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