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IB-Lover05 (By PG )

The user has deleted this system.

IB-Lover05 Discussion

Mar 03 2011 at 08:56
4 posts
Hello Sir,

I have reviewed your results here

And they are looking awesome. I just want to know do you sell any signals, software or EA's. if yes, then please contact me here : [email protected]

Please let me know I am interested to order.


PG (pgfx2010)
Mar 04 2011 at 05:38
1 posts
Dear Shankhh,

Please forgive me for my bad english, fyi that result came from manual trading ofcourse in demo, with on graphic helper EA, and only for very limited trader community in my country. we still testing of some mathematical model in forex trading. And yes I am mql coder but no I'm not selling any signal or EA that I made for myself. I think there's so many offers in this website for amazing trading system, you can found one i hope, but ofcourse be very careful, there's alot of jokes too...

once again I am so sorry, I do trade for living, that was my main income, not from selling anything to anyone.. . The main purpose to put this result here, because couple of my friends want to see the result, and also because there's more detail analysis if we compare with report from meta trader thats all.

Best Regards.
Mrak Ye (sedofx)
Apr 09 2013 at 19:45
10 posts

     Could you share your EA strategy please mail me more info ?
Thank you.

[email protected]

Best Regards!!!
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