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InsomiaFX - 100 Million (By InsomiaFX )

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InsomiaFX - 100 Million Discussion

May 05 2013 at 06:47
2 posts
Here we go, from $1000 to $100.000.000 in 3 years 😲

As the second stage I setup 4 demo accounts recently, each starting with different deposits. The demo accounts exist not to proof the system but to find weaknesses and bugs in the algorithm. They should be visible here:

Once the demo accounts turn out well I will open a live account.

The EA is still in heavy development and I work on it since more than a year.

Q: What is the InsomiaFX EA ?
A: It's a new dynamic grid bot optimized for USDCAD. There is a C based dll in the background for CPU intensive calculations.
Lot size and profit targets are calculated automatic and there is no SL needed. All trades end up with profits. Some sooner some later.

Q: Why only for USDCAD ?
A: This currency pair tends to stay stable around 1.00 with slow peaks above and below within a couple of months. That's just excellent for grid bots.

Q: How comes the final profit is so high ?
A: Compounding. The more equity is available the higher the lots and profit targets. Nothing new but done with a safety system in place to keep the system stable. The bot stops trading when things get too wild.

Q: What about the high Drawdown ?
A: In my opinion equity is capital which needs to be used to create profits. All of it. It's the nature of grid bots to have high Drawdowns. If not, they are not real grids. The key is to have a security system in place to avoid stop outs. That's done via offset hedging. Some brokers allow offset hedges which is just perfect to secure a risky trading situation. That way trading can be stopped and resumed later when the market changed into a better direction.

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