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Nam Vu Hoai (by tsunamihunter82)

Gain: +757.55%
Drawdown: 10.76%
Pips: 165925.0
Trades: 317
Model Quality: 90.0%
Bars In Test: 3623
Ticks Modelled: 143864528

Forward Test is not available.
Nam Vu (tsunamihunter82)
May 28 2020 at 02:33
4 posts
Ask me if you want to know about my strategy. I will go live this strategy from Jun 2020 on DarwinEx. I will list my IA on Darwin lately.
Thank you for you notice :D

Nam Vu (tsunamihunter82)
May 31 2020 at 15:04
4 posts
stably gain with low risk doesn't make u guys impressive? You guys want to play gamble with trading? Rocket growth without any risks?

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