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TimeTrader-recent (By timniko)

The user has made his strategy private.

TimeTrader-recent Discussion

timniko (timniko)
May 24 2015 at 11:49
7 posts
I have the same strategy as private with +10892.51% gain. The difference is that the other test was from 01/2004 to 09/2008. I can't show it public because I have already linked the live test and I dont want to make the EA files public (not for free).

Please, if you have questions, comments or contributions, don't hesitate in charing with me and others 😄

ZKFXtrader (ZKFXtrader)
May 25 2015 at 20:31
238 posts
hi Tim
Let me know what is yr strategy, an dhow can I get this.

Succeed in Forex trading
timniko (timniko)
May 26 2015 at 16:12
7 posts
Hello Ziya,
My strategy is based on the crossing of 3 moving averages, but orders will only open in certain conditions. That way, not many order are opened, but the few ones that passes the test, will make a lot of profit.
The EA is meant to built up your capital with a hgih risk strategy, I can't recomend you to invest a lot of money just to make some profit. This one is for small money (money you really dont need) and if all goes right, get high profit after 2-4 years. For example, turn 100€ into 10.000€.
The EA is named TimeTrader, and you will find it on the mql5 market
The startegy is only tested with eur/usd and 15min timeframe. I recomend broker timeforex or, but most should work just fine.
If you have any doubts or you need something, just ask me. I wil be pleased to help.
Good luck to you, Ziya.

AmsterdamWhale (AmsterdamWhale)
Jun 01 2015 at 08:20
1 posts
Man, what a cool, generous dude you iz TNT. A fine example to emulate, and just in time b/c I've had a lot of contact with your opposite of late and it was starting to affect my general outlook. We're all so incredibly contagious... good or bad; which goes a long way to explain the direness of current global conflicts and twitchiness in people generally. Remember guys, that selfless living grows exponentially, like an economy.... oops ok maybe economy is poor example.... but one becomes two becomes four becomes -- 150,000 in days. Nonlinear and sustainable by nature, you might call it native sustainability.

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