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"Profitability" option and Breakeven trades vote results

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"Profitability" option and Breakeven trades Discussion

Jan 04 2011 at 10:57
7 posts
  I was thinking about change the Profitability counting 'profitable' and 'loosing' trade. I thing that option (Profitability) not counting it correct because:
 - When it shows me for example 'won 20 out of 25 trades' - but 3of these 'loosing' trade was closed at BREAKEVEN (maybe -1$ - depend on lot size; but not more than 0,2pips in minus) I counting it like breakeven trades, NOT loosing trades.
 - So for me is correct Profitability - won23 out of 25. OR won20, breakeven 3, loose 2.
For 'experienced' traders this is deffinetely not good counting...
Solution? - I thinking about it and will be good if we can 'set' somewhere in setting the NEGATIVE (minus) PIP VALUE - if trade will stop under this value - THAT TRADE WILL BE COUNTED AS A LOOSING Trade.
Now the 'Profitability' option is definitely MISLEADING.


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