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Accounting cancelled orders vote results

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Accounting cancelled orders Discussion

Aimak (Aimak)
Mar 24 2010 at 09:43
149 posts
Good morning,

I noticed that the cancelled orders are shown in the MT4 trading history and are also counted in the total number of trades in Mfxbook. Are they really been accounted for the stats calculations? AFIK they do not affect the profit, thus I'd like to suggest filtering them out so the averages are not negatively influenced. Thanks.


exquisite entries with calculated exits
Staff (Staff)
Mar 24 2010 at 09:51
1389 posts
Aimak, although shown in the history, the canceled orders have no effect on the statistics - if you've encountered a different behavior, please send us the account in question, privately.

Nevertheless, we'll add a filtration option for the history, so you'll be able to hide them.


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