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Alpari Netting Option trades. vote results

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Alpari Netting Option trades. Discussion

Venice (Venice)
Mar 22 2011 at 00:28
8 posts
Alpari uses a unique feature called the netting option, which aggregates multiple trades of the same type into one trade.

Lets say we have a long on the euro. If we add another long on the euro, we now have two orders that are then marked as closed at the price they are opened, with a 3rd order now opened having the averaged position.

Is there anyway to tell myfxbook to ignore these two 'break even' trades?

Venice (Venice)
Apr 13 2011 at 15:36
8 posts
Anyone have thoughts on this? It really boils down to having break even trades. No profit and no loss after spread is taken into account. IE Profit reads = 0.00.

Maybe have an option somewhere that tells myfxbook not to include BE trades, or not to weight them in the calculations?

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