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Analyse ea performance Discussion

Sep 09 2009 at 19:58
6 posts
I would like to be able to analyse individual ea/trade method performance. I'm not sure if this could be done by magic number or comments. Their are a few spreadsheets and ea's that do this floating around on the web for example:

these are just some examples but their are many more floating around on the web I believe that donnaforex has one in her members area.

The features that I would personally use would be
1. tracking individual performance of an ea in a multi ea account
2. tracking the performance individual currency of a particular ea
3. tracking the performance of individual currency of a particular ea with trades taken at a particular time.

I'm sure that people could think of more things to add and I encourage people to do so.

I'm sure that if you added this type of features that people swarm to this service from the other stat sites. As I believe that the developers of this site have done an excellent job so far.


Staff (Staff)
Sep 10 2009 at 06:34
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